Who is Frank Marzetti?

Frank Marzetti® isn't a particular person. It's a set of principles. Frank Marzetti® is being in control. It's sprezzatura. It's feeling that only your choices determine your fortune. It's a philosophy.
The Frank Marzetti® Philosophy

Honor your Commitments
Move with Purpose
Remain Dangerous in the Face of Adversity
Don't just Accept what You're Handed
Be Bold
Be Fearless
Never Settle
Be Frank
Our aim has always been to develop a premium/luxury brand that doesn't follow trends. One that stands the test of time. We place emphasis on Quality and the overall customer experience.
We hope to inspire others to live life quite "Frankly".
To be "Frank" is to be yourself while maintaining your optimism. You don't have to compromise who you are to achieve greatness. There's nothing in the world that's unattainable. Time waits for no one, so get out there and make it happen. 
Take calculated risks. You'll be rewarded.
Don't beat around the bush. Be direct.
Find out what you want and go get it. 
"Let's Be Frank"